฿ 1.100

20kg dumbbell -Chrome plated, silver color

RegionCentral Thailand
ProvinceSamut Prakan
RoadBang na trad
Postal Code20kg dumbbell -Chrome plated, silver color

Dumbbell, chrome plated, 20 kg***with box*** New item, replaceable weight plates. *This is the best version of the dumbbell rod. *New model lock, 2-layer lock

*** All models of dumbbells come with a barbell-to-dumbbell shaft

*** Every dumbbell model comes with gloves

Product details:

The weight plates are made from high quality steel, all plates not mixed with cement, plated with chrome to prevent rust. Weight according to standard criteria

Chrome-plated steel shaft, length 35 cm., shaft 2.5 cm., new model, is the best model of dumbbell shaft.