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Badiane Essential Oil

Badiane – Illicium verum – is the fruit of the Badiane, a small tree 8 to 15 meters high, which can live for a hundred years, native to southwestern China and northern Vietnam. It is now unknown in the wild but has been cultivated since time immemorial. Badiane, when ripe, takes the form of a multi-pointed star. It is for this reason that it is also called Badiane, its smell reminiscent of that of green anise around the Mediterranean and with which it shares the virtues.

Badiane is composed of a multitude of active ingredients, the main one being:
an essential oil (5-9%) consisting mainly of trans-anethole, limonene, alpha-pinene, linalool, estragole;

History of Badiane Essential Oil

The Chinese have been using Badiane as a masticatory for over 3000 years and revere it in temples for its strong aromatic scent. For this reason, it is a highly prized culinary herb.

Badiane was discovered in 1558 by Thomas Cawendish, an English explorer, who brought them back to London. Star fruits were imported from the 17th century, first from Russia, then from China. Folk medicine recommended it against gastritis, stomach cramps and intestinal colic. Let’s take a closer look at its properties for health and well-being.

Properties of Badiane Essential Oil

In health, anise essential oil is recognized for these properties:
Estrogen mimetic, emmenagogue (promotes the onset of menstruation), galactogen (activates milk flow)
Digestive and neuromuscular antispasmodic
Aperitif, helps digestion and facilitates the elimination of gases
Stomachic, carminative (fight against intestinal fermentation), stimulates intestinal peristalsis
General digestive and respiratory stimulant (at very low doses)
Rich in antiseptic active ingredients
Gastric and hepatic stimulant
Skin tonic

A remedy for digestive disorders
The medicinal uses of this fruit mainly concern the digestive sphere. Badiane is:
Antispasmodic: especially recommended to treat intestinal spasms, painful colitis, gastritis, but also menstrual pain;
Carminative: it prevents the formation of intestinal gas or facilitates their expulsion, relieving bloating, belching and flatulence;
Digestive: known to treat food poisoning and indigestion related to shellfish and fish, it also regulates intestinal transit after diarrheal episodes.

Other uses
Stomachic, Badiane in infusion treats small mouth wounds (cuts, canker sores for example) and sore throats without fever. It has recognized antibacterial properties. It can be used for this purpose in the form of a gargle. It is also known to relieve vomiting related to nervousness.

Badiane also has a toning action, appreciated in case of general and temporary fatigue without pathological reason. It brings a boost of vitality and will be much appreciated for its warming flavor, like cinnamon, during the cold spells of autumn and winter.

Its aromas make it a popular plant in herbal tea blends: it softens the infusions of other plants with a bitter or unpleasant taste.

Use of Badiane Essential Oil

It is traditionally used to improve the following situations:

Skin care: acne, seborrhea, water retention, cellulite
Digestive problems, dyspepsia, vomiting, aerophagia, spastic colitis, gastralgia, indigestion, constipation, flatulence, bloating
Irregular periods, menstrual pain, menopause, pre-menopause
Fatigue, lower back pain, spasmophilia, palpitations

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