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Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil
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Calming, the essential oil of Bergamot soothes the spirits thanks to its delicate fragrance. Purifying, Bergamot essential oil is marvelous when diffused. Bergamot essential oil purifies the air while bringing relaxation and good humor.

History of Bergamot Essential Oil

Originally from Italy, bergamot is a small citrus fruit that looks like lemon, with a thick green-yellow skin. When ripe, it weighs between 80 and 200 g at most. As it is used relatively little in food form, it is difficult to find it in its natural state on market stalls. On the other hand, its use in the form of essential oil is much more common: this is the main reason for its cultivation on the Calabrian coast. Other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Guinea and especially the Ivory Coast produce Bergamot Essential Oil, but their production represents only 15% of the world market.

Properties of Bergamot Essential Oil

The properties of Bergamot Essential Oil are explained by the active compounds present in the peels of Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamia.

For health

The linalool contained in the essential oil of bergamot intervenes in the contraction of smooth and striated muscles: it has an antagonistic action of the molecules involved in this process, which makes it possible to calm spasms. The presence of linalyl acetate completes its action.

Antibacterial, antiseptic
Linalool, again, has a known bactericidal, antifungal and parasiticidal action. Moreover, the limonene contained in the oil also has bactericidal and antifungal properties, especially when used in diffusion.

Carminative, digestive and laxative
Bergamot Essential Oil contains limonene which acts directly on gastric motility (this ability of the stomach to move to optimize the processes of digestion and absorption of nutrients along the small intestine). It also has choleretic and cholagogue activity, that is, it promotes the production of bile by the liver and its release in the intestine, thus improving the digestion of fatty substances. Finally, it has a carminative action, that is to say, it promotes the expulsion of intestinal gases, while reducing their production.

Limonene is now recognized as an anticancer agent with real potential as a dietary anticancer tool in humans.

Other properties:
-Digestive stimulant

For the well-being

Calming and sedative
Bergamot Essential Oil Contains linalool and monoterpene esters, which exhibit spasmolytic and anxiolytic properties. Linalool competes with certain neurotransmitters in the hippocampus which helps regulate mood, lower blood pressure, limit sleep onset and ease tension.

Other properties:
-Nerve regulator (ortho and parasympathetic)
Indications of Bergamot essential oil

Thanks to the many properties described above, bergamot oil has multiple indications.

For health

Viral and bacterial infections
The antiviral properties of the oil allow it to be used in the treatment of all infections of viral or bacterial origin. In atmospheric diffusion, it has a high efficiency.

The digestive sphere
Its carminative and antispasmodic properties make it essential to fight against bloating, colitis, difficult cases of digestion and spasms.

Skin disorders
Its antibacterial properties encourage its use against oily hair, dermatoses (skin condition: psoriasis, eczema, etc.) and oily skin.

Insomnia, anxiety
When diffused, the oil can help restore sleep and calm thanks to its relaxing and sedative properties.

For the well-being

-Concentration (disorders)
-Self-confidence (lack)
-Depression related to stress
-Seasonal depression
-Nervous exhaustion, nervous fatigue
-Insomnia and difficulty falling asleep
-Mood swings

Use of Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oilcan be used in very different ways for a wide spectrum of illnesses and symptoms. Nevertheless, in case of doubt, it is recommended to contact a professional in order to collect personalized and secure information, adapted to your medical situation, your profile and your age.

Cutaneous application, massage

Bergamot Essential Oilis irritating and dermocaustic if applied pure. Do not expose yourself to the sun within 12 hours of application.

For all skin problems (dermatosis, herpes, eczema, etc.), dilute a drop of essential oil with 4 drops of vegetable oil, then apply and massage the area concerned.
For all digestive problems, dilute in vegetable oil and massage the abdomen.
Oily hair, oily skin: Incorporate a few drops of oil into the cream or shampoo.
Digestive disorders: 1 drop in 4 drops of vegetable oil, then massage the abdomen.

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