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Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil is an essential oil of rose Geranium which initially comes from Reunion Island, then from Madagascar.

Very beautiful essential oil, this essential oil inspires trust and kindness.

It has a rather varied composition of active substances. This allows it to be effective in many therapeutic indications while remaining safe.

Geranium Essential Oil will soothe inflamed skin, fungal infections, redness, acne, inflammation of the mouth. It will reduce the signs of time, restore radiance to dull skin or puffy faces. It will also be of great help for all the intimate problems of women, and metabolic disorders such as those related to diabetes or cholesterol.

To all these qualities is finally added that of possessing a delicate, very floral fragrance, with more or less pronounced notes of rose.

Geranium Essential Oil is generally well tolerated. People with atopic skin will remain cautious. The internal route will not be recommended for people with a hormone-dependent history. Pregnant women will naturally also be cautious.

History of Geranium Essential Oil

Originally from South Africa, this flower was introduced to Europe in the 17th century. It is now found across the world.
In the Middle East and Europe, it has been widely used for medical purposes, in particular to treat inflammatory pain, constipation, nervous disorders, to improve healing or to manage cholesterol problems.

Geranium Essential Oil is now commonly used for its therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Decongestant, haemostatic, healing, anti-infective, this essential oil is undoubtedly one of the essential oils to draw in emergency situations.
Given its potential, it seems certain that new clinical studies will soon be carried out to further prove its interest in medical aromatherapy.

Use of Geranium Essential Oil

Beauty: wrinkles, dull skin, puffy face, acne
Skin disorders
Bacterial dermatitis
Fungal infections
Cuts, bleeding

Oral inflammations: stomatitis, mucositis, glossitis, Aphtosis
Urogenital disorders
Chronic vaginal candidiasis
Urogenital atrophy

Nervous fatigue, stress, irritability, depression
Circulatory disorders
Breast congestion

Metabolic disorders

Skin regeneration and anti-aging action

Anti-aging and regenerating properties
Geranium Essential Oil first of all exerts an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-microbial action beneficial to the healing and balance of the skin.

Then remember that the essential oil of Geranium contains geraniol which has an interesting anti elastase and anti keratinase activity both in the management of skin infections and in the limitation of skin aging.

Added to this is the fact that it tremendously increases the regenerative capacities of the skin.

In various studies, it has been observed, for example, that it contributes to an increase in the deposition of collagen in the skin and that it improves wound closure.

Finally, it is known to have tonic and astringent properties for the skin.

Geranium Essential Oil will therefore be particularly interesting in face care:

As an anti-aging treatment
To restore radiance to dull skin,
To decongest puffy faces.

Skin disorders and bleeding

As evidenced by the various studies carried out, the healing and regenerating properties of rose Geranium Essential Oil are of great interest in the care of wounds of all kinds.

For example, a cream enriched with 2% Geranium rosat essential oil and Den oil (oil rich in Thymol):

– was as effective as a conventional antibiotic cream (mupirocin) for the care of resistant staphylococcal wounds.

– has made it possible to completely close wounds in diabetic subjects in less than 13 days.

Geranium Essential Oil is also recommended to stop bleeding from a cut or bloody wound.

Thus the essential oil of rosat Geranium may be suitable as well:

for the treatment of simple wounds, or chronic wounds, infected or not.
in the treatment of dermatitis or eczema (provided that the eczema is not linked to an allergy to cosmetics)
in case of cut
in case of small bleeding or hemorrhoids

Warning: the pure application of the essential oil of rosat bourbon Geranium on a wound causes tingling, or even a burning sensation, it must therefore always be diluted.

Metabolic Disorders

Diabesity is the hybrid term that brings together 2 of the current evils of our consumer society, namely diabetes and obesity.

It has already been mentioned previously, the essential oil of Geranium will be one of the essential oils recommended to treat wounds and ulcers related to diabetes.

Then, because of its hypoglycemic properties, the absorption of Geranium Essential Oil leads to a decrease in blood glucose. Among the mechanisms of action, we should mention in particular that geraniol increases the secretion of insulin.