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Grapefruit Essential Oil

Need pep, tone, freshness, immediately think of Grapefruit Essential Oil, or more precisely the essence from grapefruit zest. We will use it with pleasure, to flavor dishes, create an atmosphere full of energy, or simply to deodorize a room. Its stimulating properties as well as its fragrance, fruity, invigorating, will instantly give you an impression of vitality and good humor. It will also be useful in case of digestive discomfort, as well as in addition to care for all problems related to weight gain and metabolic disorders such as diabetes or obesity.

History of Grapefruit Essential Oil

Contrary to popular belief, the juicy and more or less bitter fruit of Citrus paradisi, so much appreciated for breakfast, is not that of the grapefruit, but of the pomelo, a citrus fruit native to the Caribbean region.

Pomelo is actually a natural hybrid of the true grapefruit, Citrus maxima, native to Asia, and the sweet orange, Citrus sinensis. It would therefore be more accurate from a botanical point of view to call Grapefruit Essential Oil, pomelo essential oil!

In summary: it is therefore from the pomelo, and more particularly from its zest, that we produce grapefruit essence. This confusing confusion, fortunately, does not spoil the pleasure of using this invigorating essence.
When to use Grapefruit Essential Oil (essence from the zest)

Use of Grapefruit Essential Oil

Stimulating action
Physical effort
Lack of tone, vitality
Loss of motivation
Temporary depression

Weight control
Cellulite, Adiposity
Overweight, Obesity

Air purification and deodorization
Pregnancy and birth:
Heavy legs, varicose veins
Baby blues

Tone and vitality

Grapefruit essence is rightly recommended to restore “pep”, tone and vigor. Clinically, it has in fact been shown that it allows the body to activate the sympathetic system, that is to say the system that keeps us alert and allows us to mobilize the energy we we need to deal with different situations in life.

Thus the essence of grapefruit will significantly improve performance during a physical task, and will restore vitality in the event of loss of form, fatigue, small depression, when one has the impression of lacking punch, motivation. etc

Grapefruit essence can also be recommended after childbirth in case of baby blues.

Weight and obesity management

Many studies have been carried out to observe the effect of grapefruit essence on the management of overweight. In general, the observations show that:

Grapefruit essence has anorectic properties (observed in rats), i.e. it limits appetite.
It also reduces the accumulation of fat in subcutaneous adipocytes.
Its use by olfaction or by massage would contribute after several weeks to a reduction in weight and waist circumference.
Its richness in limonene has a favorable action on cholesterol and triglyceride levels
A minority compound, nootkatone, could probably also play a role in energy metabolism in the liver and muscles.
Finally, grapefruit essence has a positive psychological action, since it improves the user’s perception of his body.

Grapefruit Essential Oil could therefore be integrated into a global approach to weight management and be considered as a complementary aid to fight against problems related to overweight or obesity, as well as to reduce the accumulation of fat in the body. level of the abdominal strap, our famous little buoys, or love handles…

Difficult digestion, and after party

The essence of Grapefruit being part of the Citrus, it will promote digestion. The limonene it contains has been the subject of studies demonstrating its beneficial properties on the stomach lining, as well as on intestinal motility and digestive or bile secretions.

Grapefruit essence can therefore be used in case of difficult digestion or overloaded liver.

Other indications

Circulatory properties during pregnancy
Anglo-Saxon authors recommend grapefruit essence in pregnant women in case of leg edema, varicose veins, or hemorrhoids.

Precautions for Grapefruit Essential Oil

Whether it is grapefruit, sweet orange, clementine, or even bitter orange, all these citrus fruits give an essence with more than 85% limonene, and yet they absolutely do not have the same taste or the same scent.

With regard to grapefruit essence (Citrus paradisi), it is mainly a substance, nootkatone, present between 0.06 and 1.8% which gives it its particular aroma: among the other flavoring substances, mention should be made of some aldehydes and methyl anthranylate present in very small quantities.

Usage precautions

For the cutaneous route, always dilute and do not expose the parts of the body massaged during the 12 hours following application (risk of photosensitization).
For the oral and cutaneous route, favor short cures and, if longer cures are necessary, follow a schedule of 3 weeks out of 4 (3 weeks of treatment and one week

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