This is a 50″ pro-residential zero-turn lawnmower. Top speed 16 km/h. Strong hydraulic motors and seperate axles. 3 commercial high lift blades. 4 gallon tank. Fuel gauge. Drinks holder, safety anti-roll bar and headlights, high-backrest adjustable seat with armrests and seat belts. This is a very strong solid machine weighs 410 kg,

This machine cuts more than twice as fast than a slow lawn tractor which have poor turning radius. Easily cuts around trees and sprinklers and more versatility in confined spaces. Special blades cut grass very finely. almost no mess and the mulch is good for the soil.

Suitable for lands that require regular maintenance, as well as large landscapes and gardens with slopes up to 15 degrees. This is not a mower for rough terrain.

This price includes spare heavy duty blade set, spare blade belt, spare hydro belt and axle belts plus a free hand-held blower to remove grass and debris.

Delivery charges may apply depending on the location.

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