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Oregano Essential Oil

The essential oil of Oregano is best known for its very powerful broad-spectrum anti-infective activity, which has earned it or its main compound, carvacrol, to be very widely studied today. As soon as an infection or superinfection, severe or repeated, sets in, Oregano can be part of an aromatic anti-infective and immunostimulant treatment.

We know a little less about its other anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant and anti-tumor properties, which also hold a promising future for it in clinical aromatherapy in other indications such as the prevention of asthma or the prevention of cancer.

With regard to the use of the essential oil of Oregano, only a seasoned person in aromatherapy will be able to consider its use locally: it will then always be necessary to strongly dilute it in a vegetable oil, under penalty, if not, to feel a very unpleasant feeling of irritation, even burning. For the oral route, in order to protect the mucous membranes, it is preferable to consume the essential oil of Oregano in capsule form. You can buy ready-made capsules or ask your pharmacist to prepare capsules for you.

History of Oregano Essential Oil

Native to Asia and the Mediterranean basin, oregano belongs to the same botanical genus as marjoram. It was used by the Egyptians to embalm their dead and appease the gods, before becoming a herb known to aid digestion in Ancient Rome.

Today, oregano enjoys very good popularity in the kitchen and has completely erased its cousin, marjoram, even though its flavor is less fine and less rich. An essential oil that is highly appreciated in the food industry as well as in perfumery and therapeutically is obtained from it.

On the other hand, from a nutritional point of view, it is much more interesting to use fresh Oregano…

Use of Oregano Essential oil

Severe infectious disorders of any type
ENT, respiratory


Severe skin disorders
Rebellious infectious dermatitis (fungal, or bacterial)
Rebellious acne

Infectious disorders

Oregano essential oil is the most powerful essential oil to fight against bacterial, fungal germs, protozoa and other internal parasites.

In humans, as in animals, many studies attest to this anti-infective power. It will be effective on many gram + or, more rarely, gram – bacteria, as well as on yeasts.

It has also shown its effectiveness on antibiotic-resistant, fungal or bacterial germs, as well as on bacterial biofilms.

Carvacrol, often present at more than 60% in oregano essential oils, is the compound mainly responsible for this anti-microbial action, an action that thymol, in a smaller quantity, will reinforce.

Benefits of carvacrol and thymol
The predominantly hydrophobic and slightly hydrophilic nature of these two molecules allows them to both:

To interact effectively with microbial hydrophobic structures, and thus inhibit or destroy these same microbes
And to penetrate into more hydrophilic environments such as bacterial or fungal biofilms: to simplify, there are populations of microbes, installed within our organism in the form of biofilm, which represent reservoirs of microbes, which can lead, according to the condition of the individual, to chronic infections (cystitis or repeated angina for example). The interest of these aromatic molecules therefore lies in the fact that they can reach within these biofilms microbial targets that are difficult to reach by conventional antibiotics, and thus reduce their level of virulence.

Therapeutic application of the essential oil of Oregano
Oregano essential oil can be used in all forms of infectious pathologies. Nevertheless, its irritant and toxic potential will require formal compliance with the precautions for use, as well as preferred oral use in the form of capsules or capsules, in the context of severe, repeated or stubborn infections.

Digestive infectious disorders

Urinary tract infections

Gynecological infectious disorders
Recurrent mycosis
Respiratory infectious disorders

Skin disorders
germ resistant dermatitis
stubborn acne

Tropical diseases:

Precautions for Oregano Essential Oil

There are other varieties of Oregano essential oils rich in Carvacrol (> 50%):

Origanum onites, from Turkey
Origanum vulgare subsp. Greece/Turkey hirtum
Thymbra capitata from Greece
Origanum heracleoticum L. from Greece

Do not confuse Oregano vulgaris or compact with Marjoram with shells (Origanum majorana) whose HE does not contain phenols, even if, formerly, oregano bore the name of “Wild Marjoram”

Usage precautions

Diffusion and inhalation not recommended
Very irritating essential oil: Cutaneous route with great caution and very dilute (max 5%): preferably seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist specialized in essential oils.
Aggressive esse