ThinkTank-Spider Modular Camera Strap-Harness-UtilityBelt-Holster System

Different strap/harness/utility belt/holster and grip allows convenient options to walk around with one or more camera and lens systems. The set includes:

• ThinkTank Steroid Speed Belt
• Spider Pro Holster Camera holder
• Carry Speed DS-SLIM Camera Sling
• Think Tank’s Pixel Racing Harness
• Leather Nikon hand strap

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ThinkTank Steroid Speed Belt

The Medium / Large black Steroid Speed Belt V2.0 from Think Tank is a strong 3.5″ / 8.9cm wide belt with a curved design that enhances shooting comfort. It is especially designed for excellent back support – a plus when carrying around various components that lock on to the belt. The Steroid is padded with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and contains a durable front buckle with a built-in “stop” to prevent it from slipping.

However, if you want to resize the belt, it’s quite easy.

The nylon Steroid Speed Belt can be fixed in place to handle any number of optional component pouches that can either “rotate” or be “locked” in position. These components can be moved half way around the belt for your chosen degree of weight distribution. Therefore, if you’re standing, kneeling or even prone, you can adjust the position of the accessory pouches so they do not interfere with your shooting. It will also accept Think Tank’s Pixel Racing Harness (included) that will increase the capacity of what you can tote around.

• Curved, wider 3.5″ / 8.9cm waist belt for extra support
• EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) padding for comfort
• Belt can be fixed in one position while components “Rotate” on belt
• Pixel Racing Harness can be attached
• “Buckle Stops” prevent belt from loosening yet easy to resize

Spider Pro Holster Camera Holder

Spider Pro holster for the ThinkTank Steroid Speed Belt camera on the hip carrying system

Hip carrying system for quick access to a DSLR on the ThinkTank Steroid Speed Belt
SpiderHolster is attached to the ThinkTank Steroid Speed Belt. So you always have both hands free, but you can still access the camera at lightning speed at any time.

Carrying system with weight on the hip
Due to the width of the ThinTank belt, the camera weight is distributed evenly over a larger area so that the belt does not cut. The pad can be attached to the ThinkTank belt at will, so that you can adjust the optimal position of the halter. The weight of the camera is optimally distributed on the hip via the wide ThinkTank strap, the camera sits firmly and close to the body, so it doesn’t dangle around, as is often the case with camera straps. The neck and back are also relieved.

Sturdy camera holder with safety lock
The camera is either connected to the Spider Pro Plate or directly to the pin and then clicked into the Spider Pro holster. This highly stable halter made of stainless steel and hardened aluminum has a reliable safety lock. Once the pin is snapped in, the camera can only be removed while the release lever on the side is pressed. This not only protects against accidental falling out, but also against theft. If you push the release lever all the way up, you can also leave the lock open constantly, for example to have quick, one-handed camera access at all times.

Load capacity: 1 professional camera with up to 300mm Lens
Material: camera holder made of stainless steel and hardened aluminum

Scope of module:
1 holster pad
1 spider pro camera holster camera holster
1 spider pro plate & pin
1 allen wrench

Carry Speed
▪ DS-Slim Camera Sling
▪ Slim camera strap

A professional camera strap with an all grip, non-slip slim neoprene shoulder pad with stretchy material that absorbs the weight of your camera. Wide platform ballhead connection that will not scratch the camera. Fits all cameras that have a standard tripod mount. Front metal adjustment slider for quick shooting – 3-button snap buckle and detachable shoulder pad.

The black CS-PRO Camera Sling System from Carry Speed provides a reliable sling-style strap that will hold your camera securely at your hip.

The system is offset in design and permits the camera to rest comfortably on your hip without twisting or tangling. The front buckle has an easy-to-use three-button quick-release for when you wish to remove the strap. It also comes with an extra wide shoulder pad that helps with weight distribution.

Think Tank’s Pixel Racing Harness
The black Pixel Racing Harness from Think Tank is a one-size fits-all accessory for your optional Pro Speed, Thin Skin or Steroid Belt. The foam padding is lightweight, comfortable and the belt is fully adjustable. It comes complete with two s

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