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Steven A. Gebhardt and ‘Som’ Pad Suebthep welcome you at Big Trees Village, where we’re bringing environmental awareness to every aspect of the way we do business, taking steps to minimize our footprint on the earth. It may be conserving energy, water, or waste. We both developed a deep love for nature, in the surrounding valley of Big Trees Village.

Living up to our name, our daily meditation is:

Trees and all other plants are beautiful friends and companions. We take pleasure in you, your lofty majesties by the mountain. Thank you for gracing our life. We sense that trees have feelings. Trees are such wonderful creations. Listen and share with them- ask permission to uproot them. We have this intense love of trees, and we often think about what they teach, what intricate patterns are woven into eternity, always available yet never seen are awaiting our discovery, know our healing. In addition, the leaf is infinite- born and reborn, never quite the same tracing patterns in your leafy universe.

We think about tall trees – your existence has always captured us, your strength and beauty teach us. Your resilience to storms that buffet you and your grace to sun and warmth is part of your teaching. Thinking of how your openness invites the birds that you shelter – trees you are part of the unconditional giving of the universe, your love so evident. Our heart’s desire is that we will stop destroying our earth, this place where we live.


PPG for sale as we are leaving Thailand.


3 mountain bikes for sale! As we are leaving Thailand, shipping too expensive…


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