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Hello and Welcome. 
I am a British man now living in this beautiful country Thailand with my beautiful wife Raya. This is one of my hobbies, buying and selling. We enjoy finding Antiques, collectables, Home and garden all things in between. We are new here, but you can feel safe and secure with us. We are trustworthy and honest. What we list will be honestly described with photos. Should you have any questions about anything please contact us any time..All items purchased will be sent to your chosen address. All items shipped by Thailand Post, we find them reliable. International shipping cost is high now worldwide so we can not do anything about it. Thailand customer can ask for local price shipping cost or collect in person. Please have a great day and thank you for your interest.

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Old vintage paper roll holder in wood with oil paint drawing. Wall hanger is string. Looks to small for a kitchen paper roll. more the […]

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Two wood hand carved traditional angel figures. Good condition. should you need anymore photos we be happy to give you them. Ask us any questions […]

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Beautiful vintage Carved sculptured Art work made from a solid peace of teak wood. Has its original paintwork and all in very good condition. should […]

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Very nice original wood sculptured carving with its original paintwork. Looks very old, but I don’t know its history. Made from one plank of teak […]