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Tubs for sale, have 10 of these to sale, 8000 Baht each, discount, if want more than one, i paid 15000 Baht each for these, […]

Hog Ring Plier (2)

Brand new Hog Ring Plier which is use to secure cages or fences together.

PetU_by_VsaabV1 4

เครื่องให้อาหารแมวและสุนัขอัตโนมัติรุ่น PetU-G petu_by_vsaabv1 ราคาปกติ: 3 280.00 THB ลดเหลือ: 2 480.00 THB ต่อหน่วย ราคานี้รวมค่าจัดส่งแล้ว เครื่องให้อาหารแมวสุนัขอัตโนมัติ ข้อมูลสินค้า *ขนาดตัวเครื่อง 21x 35 x 36 ซ.ม. *ขนาดถังบรรจุอาหาร 6 ลิตร *ตั้งเสียงเรียกสัตว์อัตโนมัติ […]

Beautiful brown horse 6 years about s 150 cm shoulder.reason no time for it

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฿ 16.000

Cockatoo bird

Bangkok December 9, 2017

Goffin Cockatoo bird for sale. It’s male age 3 years old. Bird strong and healthy.

banana chips 2

High grade banana chips

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฿ 7.000

new IBC Tanks

rangsit September 15, 2017

IBC Tank 1,000 Liter Material -Extrusion blow-moulded HDPE -Welded tubular steel grid,galvanized Pallet -Steel frame or Composite Capacity -1,000 litres (275 gal) Filling opening -DN […]

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We are a professional chicken cage manufacturer GREATFARM® Chicken Cage With 15 years’ production experience, we can provide the quality products e.g chicken cage, (poultry […]

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If you have a restaurant and you want to serve the freshest and naturals sausages to your costumers, just contact us. We can make the […]

4 lane roadside plot of land 8

Only 185km from Bangkok, take only 400m express entrance from Asia Super Highway (Hwy 32) including from other two directions of Chainat and Tha-Khli. The […]

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If you’re in the market for a couch with legs, here he is! Meet “Joey”, the picture perfect “gentleman” of the equine world! This is […]

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฿ 15.000

Industrial Blender

photong December 19, 2016

Purchased this about 1 year ago , for 23000 baht, used for griding chickens to feed for fish, stainless steel top, mitsubishi motor, electric etc […]

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