About us

Classified Ads Thailand

MarketplaceThailand.com is an advertising site that brings together sellers and buyers in Thailand.

In spite of the fact that the website is characterized by its low-threshold character, the Marketplace sees it as her mission to advise them as to how to act in a safe and secure way.

The website is very easy to use. Anyone can place an ad or sell products. All that is needed is an email address and a few minutes time.

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To sell your product quickly, it’s important that you make a good ad. Check out our tips and get started right away.

What should I consider when I place an ad?

  • Make sure you’re logged in to My Marketplace.
  • Do not sell or prohibit products we suspect. Check our list of suspicious or forbidden products.
  • Please follow the rules for placing an ad and review our policies and conditions in advance.
  • Choose for the correct category, which increases the search-ability of your ad. You can not customize the category after posting the ad.
  • If your ad is in a wrong category, we will remove the ad.
  • In most of the categories on Marketplace you can advertise for free, but some categories have been paid.
  • There are several options to deal with your ad. Here we charge different prices.
  • Make sure the photos you place are clear, this affects the success of your ad.
  • A catchy title also provides a more successful advertisement.